What to expect

step by step.




Call, email or text us or fill out the contact form to start the process.  Once we hear from you, we will return your message as promptly as we can to  discuss if "It Matters" is the right fit for your needs.   If so, we can schedule a comprehensive evaluation to begin optimizing your recovery and mobility.




Evaluations are approximately 90 minutes.  Please wear comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants and a comfortable top.  We will bring the equipment to each client's home (see FAQ to see more info on our safety protocol related to COVID 19). We will start by taking a medical and social history and then move into movement analysis and physical exam of neurologic, orthopedic and cardiovascular function to identify what is contributing to mobility deficits.  We will have time to discuss the findings of the evaluation and a plan of care, questions and to establish goals specific to what is important to the client and/or their family members as appropriate. We will also begin treatment and begin a home exercise program.

Please complete the medical and social history in preparation for the evaluation.  If you are unable to access this paperwork online, We are happy to mail them.




Each treatment session is approximately 60 minutes.  This can be adjusted to fit each client's specific needs.  Treatment will aim to address the primary and secondary contributors to mobility deficits while educating on "what matters" about the interventions selected.  We can also discuss equipment recommendations and referrals to supplement physical therapy treatment.



Home exercise

We aim to empower our clients with knowledge about their condition(s) and provide them with an exercise program to make progress between our sessions and/or to maintain the progress we gained while working together.  To get the "best bang for your buck", it will be imperative that a home exercise program is followed to make as much progress as possible.  We do not want to be the primary tool for recovery - we want to equip our clients with the tools needed to reclaim their function and lives. 

**If problems, questions or concerns come up while doing a home program, call, text or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible**