Neurologic Rehabilitation

A unique

It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation resets the bar for what physical therapy actually is. We value one on one attention, evidence-based practice, and treatment that addresses the whole person. 

We invest a significant amount of time in getting to know our clients. We believe we have to understand who you are and what motivates you in order to individualize and customize your care. Without YOU at the center, nothing else matters.

We meet you where you are to address your specific needs.

By treating in your home, work, or recreational space, we maximize how the brain learns, and can individualize and customize your treatment. This optimizes results. 

What to expect
step by step.

"Why haven't my other therapists done this..?"

Call today to experience specialized care and a unique approach to physical therapy.

Mary & Glen Arnson

"You have brought a level of knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and understanding we've not seen in all the previous therapists we have worked with..."