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Neurologic Rehabilitation

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You Matter

The ability for the brain and spinal cord to reconnect and/or make new connections is reliant on YOU - your likes/dislikes, past experiences, your goals, your other health conditions, etc

To maximize your recovery,

It Matters utilizes a comprehensive approach to account for all factors both helping and hindering your recovery.

When it comes down to it,

YOU have to put in the work to get better. 

Neurologic Rehabilitation, physical therapy, retrain the brain, neuroplasticity

Science Matters

Specialized Neurologic Rehabilitation relies on knowledge of how the brain learns and how different diseases or injury locations effects this learning.

There is rhyme and reason to every detail of your session with It Matters including the type of task you are doing, the order you are doing tasks, how you are given feedback on your performance of the task and many other details that may go unnoticed.

It is in the details where the science of Neuroplasticity can be harnessed.

Neurologic Physical Therapy, time matters, neuroplasticity, physical therapy for neurologic conditions

Time Matters

Whether it is a recent return from the hospital following a neurologic injury or you've had the condition for years, your brain is capable of learning and change.  Science shows the first 3 months are crucial, but changes can still occur after this window.

If your conditions is progressive, studies are showing progression of some diseases can be slowed with early interventions. We can walk together through the changes you experience as time passes to ensure you remain as active, independent and engaged as you want to be.

It Matters

Neurologic Rehabilitation

It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation brings specialized knowledge and training to retrain your brain to move your body. 

We come to you to individualize your care in the privacy of your own home in ways that cannot be replicated in a clinic setting.

We leave our computer at the office so we can give you our undivided attention every minute of the session. 

We look at the big picture to help educate you on how to manage or prevent common complications that come with your health history to maintain the progress you work hard to gain.

When it comes to choosing a physical therapist... It Matters.