Cindy Johnson

Dr. Lauren Hunt is a master in her field. She is professional, exceptional in her knowledge in rehabilitating an older person from a severe stroke, her patient care, patience, encouragement for success is outstanding. We worked with many different therapists in this process and she is better than the best. We would highly recommend her — she gave us hope during some pretty dark days and she was successful in helping my husband improve his physical skill levels to an above average level. Thank you Lauren for your time, energy, making us laugh, and always researching to find a better way.

Dr. Elise Ruckert

Dr. Lauren Hurt is an exceptional neurological physical therapist. Her advanced specialty training in the area of neurologic rehabilitation is evident from the moment she starts working with you. Dr. Hurt excels at forming a provider-patient relationship that meets the unique needs of each person. She is a natural coach and teacher-- one who helps patients achieve their goals through creative interventions that are supported by research and clinical experience. Her kind and compassionate personality helps motivate people to reach their highest potential. I am certain that you will not be disappointed in tapping Dr. Hurt's expertise to address your mobility and health needs!

Cindy Bialon

I had brain surgery at Mayo Clinic. When back home I needed more Physical Therapy. I was told about Dr Lauren Hurt PT, DPT after having a chat with the pharmacist at Crosslake Drug. I loved the whole idea. She travels to my home and brings all the necessary equipment with her. I really like that she specializes in people with neurological issues like brain tumors, brain injuries, and strokes. She is passionate about helping me and makes Physical Therapy fun, tough, and rewarding. Her dedication to her work and emphasis on neuro issues was just what I needed.

Heather Aanes

Lauren Hurt has been a blessing when it comes to my health, both physically and mentally! I had received a referral to see Lauren when I was having issues with Trigeminal Neuralgia. When Lauren first came to my house, she not only addressed the TN, but could just tell that she could address other areas of my health and help me live life to my fullest, as I live with Multiple Sclerosis and use a wheelchair to remain mobile. Lauren has helped me to learn, and continue to work on, strategies to make living my life easier with using the strength that I do have. Lauren has become a great support in my life. I am thrilled that we have become a team in my health journey!!

Sonia and Todd Ramsey

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for Lauren Hurt.  I met Lauren in 2019 when she was recommended to us for my husband’s physical therapy.  My husband has progressive Multiple Sclerosis and has been receiving physical therapy regularly since 2017.  Throughout the past 3 years, he had worked with a few different therapists, all of whom were very well-qualified. But looking back, we can see that he was not getting the full benefit of his therapy until Lauren began working with him.   Lauren, who specializes in therapy for neurologic patients, was able to notice and address some of the biggest challenges that my husband faces, especially pertaining to his muscle spasticity, balance issues, and foot drop.  Prior to working with Lauren, my husband would routinely fall while transferring into his wheelchair, would have difficulty negotiating the bathroom, and had developed some poor posture while standing, which was negatively impacting his ability to move and function well.  Within only a few weeks of Lauren’s twice-a-week therapy, he was safely transferring into his wheelchair without falling, he had noticeably improved his standing posture (which made a lot of every day tasks, such as getting dressed, much easier) and was having much less trouble negotiating the bathroom.  What we liked about Lauren’s approach to therapy was that it was very holistic.  She met my husband where he was and gradually brought him to a higher level of functioning.  She implemented a range of techniques such as stretching, balance therapy, and muscle conditioning all within our home environment, which allowed my husband to adopt the techniques that he learned from Lauren immediately.   More than once, Lauren went above and beyond her role as a therapist by connecting us to resources, such as occupational therapists and custom mobility equipment specialists, to help my husband maintain a high quality of health and functioning.   But most importantly, Lauren’s empathetic and caring approach to therapy is what made the most impact on my husband.  He felt safer and more comfortable working with her than he did with any other therapist he had previously worked with, which motivated him all the more to push himself to work harder and get the most from the therapy.   With Lauren’s help, not only did his overall mobility improve, but his self-confidence started to return.  We cannot say enough great things about Lauren and we highly recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.

Brooke Stewart

Dr. Lauren Hurt was the best physical therapist I have ever had and I have had many. Her knowledge of my condition was very good.  When she was presented with complications unrelated to my original condition, she did the necessary research to develop a plan best suited for me. That's going the extra mile, and she did that for me. She is professional, personable and caring. However, what I liked most about Lauren was she treated me as a whole person, caring not just for the physical, but also for the mental and emotional me. She had great empathy, was constantly encouraging and extremely kind. I felt as though I was her only patient. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an outstanding physical therapist. 

Bob G. 

My age is north of 80 years and my main health difficulties center around shortness of breath and reduced oxygen levels when I exert myself; and, balance issues that seem to be increasing when I walk in and out of the house.

Up until I started working with Lauren, various medical people have been treating these health challenges as separate issues:  leg balancing exercises; portable oxygen canister; acupuncture treatments and various herbs, for example.

With her “in home” visits, Lauren was able to analyze my “lifestyle” and ageing needs.  She then developed and suggested a more holistic approach to address my health issues… I’m impressed with Lauren’s knowledge of health issues and professional approach.

 Jill Tousley

Dr Lauren Hurt was the best Physical Therapist I’ve ever had. I fractured my pelvis in two places & with her experience & knowledge, Lauren had me moving mostly independently within three weeks. Faster than the orthopedic doctors predicted. She has all her equipment & will come to you which is convenient when your not driving or in to much pain to move. If you need physical therapy, I would recommend Lauren to ensure a speedy recovery.

Glen and Mary Arnson

Just a short note to let you know how much the wife and I appreciate the effort and attention you have given to help us attain our goal of her again being able to walk and function on her own.  You have brought a level of knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and understanding we've not seen in all the previous therapists we have worked with and this alone has encouraged us to work even harder toward that goal.  

We both would gladly recommend you to anyone needing therapy, especially any stroke victim, as you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues and problems these folks face and a unique ability to encourage and lift the spirits of those you work with.  We're grateful you agreed to work with us and have given us hope we can actually get this done. 

Thank you.