On the Road Again... what is Mobile Physical Therapy?

It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation is mobile AND outpatient. If you've had "home health physical therapy", this is NOT that. If you've gone to a clinic to have therapy, this is that - only the treatment comes to you where you need it based on your goals.

Individualized treatment - to the max!

Because we meet you where you are, we can individualize your treatment to meet your needs in a way that cannot be done in a clinic setting.

- Having trouble balancing on your fishing boat?

Let's meet at the dock and find specific solutions and treatment interventions to get you back to angling for some Walleye!

- Having trouble getting in and out of bed?

No need to figure out how to transition from working on a nice firm treatment table at the clinic to your soft cozy bed with sheets and blankets to manage. We work on your bed with your sheets in your home to help your brain maximize it's ability to learn and move your body.

Most recently, a patient required 1 minute and 45 seconds to move from her bed to her wheelchair. After 6 weeks of working with It Matters, she's able to do it in 35 seconds!!

- Seem to always lose your balance or feel "off" walking down your hallway, going up or down your stairs, or getting in and out of the garage?

Let us help figure out the specific visual, spatial, and motor contributions to your unsteadiness so you can move with greater ease and more confidence.

The clinic setting cannot replicate the individual and unique demands of your life. The more specific we are in your training, the better chances your brain has at relearning to move your body.

"What about the equipment? Don't we need equipment?"

Sometimes, yes, big fancy equipment can be a great tool. But most equipment is generic - there is nothing individualized about riding a bike and nothing functional about doing leg curls or chest presses. Sure, they make your muscles stronger. But the key to movement is your brain - your brain has to relearn how to use your muscles to move your body. Without the big fancy equipment, every minute of your treatment with It Matters incorporates individualized functional strengthening with neuroplasticity at the forefront.

We bring a portable treatment table and other bits and pieces to help facilitate your therapy. We utilize the items and tools in your home that you use on a daily or weekly basis to help improve your function using those items and tools.

"My house is a mess..."

I have a dog, a four year old, a one year old, and a husband, and I run a business. Yeah, I get it. My house is a mess, too. But we don't need a lot of space. And we don't need a clean space. We need motivation and willingness to put in the effort.

Want to know how mobile physical therapy can meet your needs?

Ask us!



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