What does It Matters actually do?

Updated: Jan 29

... and other clarifications when your PT doesn't look like a "normal" PT

All this talk about neuroplasticity and "what matters" at It Matters, but the real question is, “What do you actually do?” At It Matters we don’t look and act like ‘normal’ physical therapists. We don’t have a clinic with big fancy equipment. We don’t work with aids. We rarely whip out an ultrasound or estim unit. So, what is it that we actually do???

Let me start with a few things we aren’t:

- Nurses, but we do take your vitals and help manage chronic disease.

- Massage therapists - but we do perform soft tissue work, manual therapy, and other hands-on techniques to help reduce your pain if pain is a barrier to you being able to move.

- Medical physicians - but we are doctors and you do have ‘direct access’ to us. You can see us before you see your medical doctor because we have the advanced education, skills, and know-how to identify when it is appropriate to see us or if you need to see another clinician first.

- Social workers – but we do advocate to make sure you have access to resources and equipment you need.

- Mental health therapists - but we are great listeners. We take time to get to know you, your life, your goals, what makes you, you. We can’t be effective and you can’t make progress without understanding this first.

So back to the question – “What do you do?”

The body was made for movement. Your life was made for movement – sports, taking care of yourself and/or your loved ones, socializing, playing with grandkids, (the list goes on and on) REQUIRE movement. We are MASTERS at helping you find ways to move better to live your life.

It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation is the Brainerd Lakes Area expert in rewiring the brain to move the body with or without a specific neurologic diagnosis. We know the ins and outs of how the brain works and use that knowledge to your advantage – teaching you how to move with less pain, greater ease, increased function/independence, and/or at a higher level.

Will it look the same as previous therapy experiences? Probably not.

Will you reach goals you didn't think were possible? Most likely.

Are you living the life you want?

We are the people who help you find your way back. Back to health. Back to moving. Back to living. Back to you.

Want to know how we can help? Ask us!



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