Take Control Over Chronic Disease

Heart Disease, COPD, diabetes, and cancer can be really scary things to hear your doctor talk about. And worse, there never seems to be enough time to ask the questions you want to ask, get the info you need to get to manage your diagnosis effectively. Or maybe you're like me and you think about all the things you should have asked as soon as your car door closes. Likely, you've been given a lot of information and recommendations by your doctor to help you manage the disease. But just as likely, it's hard to organize, make a plan, and act on all of the info.

Whether you were just diagnosed and the news is shocking (you swear you're fit as an ox) or you have been dealing with a slow and gradual decline in your function, mobility, and ABILITY for a while now, It Matters can have an important role in helping you. It Matters can help you stay on track or get back on track to maintaining the quality of life you want to live.

Don't be fooled - the disease will try to slow you down.

You do need to fight to keep control or take back control.

Did your doctor tell you to exercise more? Have you tried to get into a routine but can't seem to get it to stick? Have a routine but unsure if your new diagnosis calls for modifications to the routine?

It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation brings expert movement analysis in the form of outpatient physical therapy to your home, work, or rec space. We guarantee an individualized exercise program you are comfortable and confident with so you can reap ALL the benefits regular exercise touts (glycemic control, lower blood pressure, reduced risk for stroke/heart attack, improved cognition, reduced pain, etc, etc). With a background in personal training and sports performance training, Dr. Hurt will be able to create a program built on what you enjoy that is just the right fit for you whatever level you are at.

Better yet, It Matters helps the WHOLE you - with residency level education in addition to her doctorate degree, Dr. Hurt is able to help identify ways to prevent secondary complications that you may be facing based on your chronic disease, other risk factors, and co-morbidities.

You do NOT need to have joint or muscle pain to see physical therapy.

You need motivation to stay on track or get back on track to living the life you want to live.

Unlike medical doctor visits that seem to fly by, you will have all the time and one on one attention you need to ask questions, find resources, and establish a routine when you work with It Matters.

We are meant to be part of your medical team by helping you be successful in reaching the health goals you establish with your doctor/medical provider.

Call us TODAY to take control.


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