You were my wake up call.

I looked around the treatment gym keeping track of the 3 patients I was working on simultaneously. Mr. Jones, right in front me, had a stroke and needs some physical assistance getting on and off the treatment table. My body and hands move with relative ease as I automatically help him. Wait, aren't I suppose to be teaching him how to get on and off the treatment table so he can try to figure out how to make this work for getting in and out of bed at home? Oh well, I just need to get him up there. I have to get him set up with exercises the rehab tech can supervise, so I can move on to Mrs. Smith. She looks more down than usual, more tired. I wonder what's up with her. I wish I could take her to a private room to see if she would feel more comfortable discussing whatever seems to be on her mind rather than in the gym. But I have to supervise the rehab tech who is supervising Mr. Jones and get Mr. Adams going on his next exercise. No way can I be in a private room with one person right now. I move about the gym and watch my patients perform their exercises, routinely, automatically. Mr. Jones is doing exercises to strengthen his paralyzed leg, but hasn't gotten any better despite weeks of therapy. Mrs. Smith is offering a chuckle here and there in response to my co-worker's joke, but between the laughs her eyes go blank, lifeless, tired. Mr. Adams is on the stationary bike with a terrible headache from his concussion. He's asked why he has to do the bike in previous sessions. "To get warmed up for your therapy." I've responded. However, I know deep down it gives me a moment to type a few words in charts, grab a quick swig of coffee, or sneak into the bathroom.

I look up from my computer to check on each patient's progress and I wonder what Mr. Jones, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Adams think about physical therapy. I know I can do better. I know physical therapy can be more.

I became a physical therapist to bring a higher level of care to people recovering from injury.

After 7 years of education and a doctorate degree, I became a physical therapist. Over the five years that followed, I quit my job giving up a guaranteed salary and benefits TWICE to be able to stay true to the WHY behind my passion for physical therapy - YOU were my wake up call.

The first time I quit my job was because I realized I wasn't satisfied with my skill level in treating people with neurologic conditions - stroke, brain injury, concussion, Parkinson's Disease, MS. My family and I moved across the country so I could participate in a nationally-ranked residency program. I was nearly crushed by the intensity of the mentoring, studying, learning, self-reflecting, and teaching requirements. But I came out with confidence in my knowledge and skills and ability to continue to grow as a neurologic specialist - and with the determination to raise the standard for physical therapy in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

The second time I quit my job was because I found myself looking around the room, keeping track of 3 patients, typing on a computer. I was unable to use the skills I had worked so hard to develop, and unable to help people FULLY manage/recover from their stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson's Disease and other neurologic conditions in the typical clinic setting. I was falling short on my promise to raise the standard for physical therapy. I was falling short on my promise to YOU.

I knew it could be better for you, and I wasn't going to settle for the standard level of care.

I started It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation in the Brainerd Lakes Area for YOU. Now I look around the room and I see your spouse smiling with joy as they watch you achieve what others have told you wouldn't be possible. I see tears in your eyes as hope for healing becomes reality. I hear confidence in your voice as you describe the plans you are making that you thought you couldn't make anymore. I sleep deeply at night knowing I have stayed true to YOU.

Teamwork through physical therapy
You matter the most at It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation.

Did you know there is specialized physical therapy to address diseases or injuries that effect your brain, spinal cord, or nerves? Did you know you have access to physical therapy that listens, hears, and responds to what you say and what you don't say? Did you know you have access to an advocate who considers you wholly and comprehensively and proactively works to prevent further injury or complication while helping you move better, be stronger, and have more confidence.

One on one visits the whole time, every time.

We leave our computers at home so you have our undivided attention for the entire duration of your session.

Trust me to fight for the best in you.

Call today. 218-821-1619

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