Here are a few frequently asked questions to help streamline the info seeking process. 

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Frequently asked questions

How is this different than home health or home care?

Home health or home care requires the patient to be home bound - unable to leave their home requiring medical care to come to them. It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation is considered outpatient care, but the clinic comes to each client's home for convenience, safety and individualization of treatment. Evaluations are generally 90 minutes and treatment sessions are generally 60 minutes. Dr. Hurt does not use a computer but relies on paper and pen to take simple, concise notes to document only the necessary information pertinent to you and your progress rather then the extraneous requirements from insurance providers. That means more one on one, direct attention on you and your goals.

I have an established relationship with a physical therapist already, why can't I work with him/her for my neurologic diagnosis?

We offer treatment from the only Board Certified Cinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy in the Brainerd Lakes Area, Dr. Lauren Hurt. In addition to the basic requirements to sit for the exam, Lauren did an optional year-long residency program. This year of additional hands on training elevated her practice to expert level. The program systematically exposed her to the entire spectrum of neurologic diagnoses. Lauren worked with the most complex cases under intensive mentorship learning how to retrain the brain to move the body. By the end of the program, Lauren’s mentors were consulting her for treatment ideas.

We encourage you to give It Matters a try to experience the difference working with a Clinical Specialist can make.

Why doesn't It Matters work with private insurance?

We get it - everyone else does, so why don't we? The answer is simple for us. We have been there. We've worked in clinics and hospitals and rehab settings and have seeen the ugly ways insurance drives and motivates and set the rules. In every other setting, we've been asked to act unethically. We've been asked to multi-task while we treat our patients - to do notes, take a phone call, treat multiple patients at once all because of insurance and the insurance game of reimbursement.

That is one of the main reasons It Matters was started with a business plan that excluded insurance. At It Matters, the client and his/her therapist set the rules. We don't multi-task, we don't ride line of ethics. Each client gets 1 on 1 attention from the only Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist in the Brainerd Lakes Area for the entire duration of treatment.

Leaving insurance companies out is the only way we know how to offer the best quality care and likely save our clients time and money in the long run.

However, we understand the role of insurance in your medical management as a whole. For this reason, we will provide an receipt with all the information needed to submit to insurance companies so reimbursement can come directly back to the patient and potentially be counted toward the deductible. Check out this guide to make the process easier.

**It is important to understand your insurance policy. Be sure to call your insurance company to discuss your plan's benefits related to physical therapy coverage.**

Isn't a clinic better because of the equipment I would have access to?

In some cases, yes. However, most of the time, we are able to use the equipment we bring and the commonly used items around a client's home to design an intensive, effective treatment session that can be easily modified into a home exercise program. By using the client's environment, furniture, and other items, it is much easier to recreate and problem solve the specific mobility difficulties of each individual client. This is virtually impossible in a clinic. In the event we are unable to appropriately manage a condition at home, we will refer to a local physical therapy clinic that will be able to provide equipment necessary for progress. We are on our clients' team with the only goal of seeing them recover - even if that means referring to another clinic!

What is your COVID-19 safety protocol?

One of the major benefits being a "mobile practice" is getting specialized care without exposure to the community more than wanted or needed. Keeping each client safe and healthy is of utmost importance to us because we know even a minor infection can set a neurologic disease or diagnosis into a tailspin. - We will wash hands upon coming into each home and prior to leaving. Additionally, we will keep hand sanitizer in our cars to sanitize prior to ringing the doorbell. - We will minimize the amount of equipment brought into each home to only what is necessary to treat effectively and safely. All equipment will be wiped down prior to use and again prior to leaving each property. - Our vehicles will be sprayed with an aerosol disinfectant daily while all contact surfaces will be disinfected at the end of each day as well. - We will use a clean, cloth mask during the duration of our session. Each mask will be replaced between clients and all masks used in a day will be cleaned appropriately at the end of each day. - We will use gloves if we have an open wound/cut/scrape or in the event of anticipating coming in contact with any bodily fluid of a client. - We will limit our social interaction and maintain social distancing in our personal lives as recommended by the CDC. Due to the nature of neurologic rehabilitation, social distancing will be difficult/impossible during our sessions. Because of this, we would appreciate if each client chose to wear a mask during our periods of close interaction as recommended by the CDC. This will help protect our therapists, the remaining clients scheduled for the day and our families. However, we do recognize this is your home environment and masks can be challenging! We do highly recommend each client change their clothing and wash their hands after each session as an additional precaution.

Do you participate with Medicare?

Yes, unlike private insurances, Medicare does not offer the option to reimburse their beneficiaries if they choose to use an out of network provider. Therefore, It Matters is a participating provider with Medicare so Medicare beneficiaries have access to the specialized care offered by It Matters Neurologic Rehabilitation. Be sure to have your Medicare card handy when calling It Matters.